Mandatory digital access pass for AZ Monica

For any consultation or examination, every patient (and possibly 1 accompanying person) must register at, starting 48 hours and ending at least 24 hours before the appointment. If you answer the questions on the online form, you will receive a digital access card for the hospital.┬á If you answer “yes” to any of the questions, please contact us by phone. You may be denied access to the hospital.

Useful telephone numbers

ORTHOCA (SPM, Kielsevest and Orthoca Noord): 03 320 58 00

AZ Monica campus Deurne: 03 320 50 00

AZ Monica campus Antwerp: 03 240 20 20

Hospitalisation Billing Service : 03 320 56 39

Medical Imaging (X-ray, MRI, CT, ultrasound): 03 320 57 70

Nucleair medicine: 03 240 27 14

Physical medicine (EMG, ESWT): 03 320 50 41

Social service: 03 320 56 18

Pain center: 03 240 22 68

V!go: 03 320 58 89

Make an appointment


Via phone: +32 (0)3 320 58 00
Via the online form
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Information for Patients

Want to know more about certain treatments or operations? In our patient info we bundle all the useful information you want to know as a patient!


At Ortho SPM, you can count on a professional team of doctors & surgeons who are happy to help treat your injuries and prepare you for rehabilitation.


We work at the AZ Monica Hospital campus Antwerp (center Antwerp), campus Deurne and a private ambulatory practice in the Kielsevest (Antwerp South).