For more information and appointments regarding surgery and after surgery care, please contact the nurse, Mrs. Fransen Evelyn, during the consultation of dr. Mahieu:
Campus Deurne:  +32 (0)3 320 59 05
Campus Kielsevest: +32 (0)3 600 82 03
Campus Orthoca Noord: +32 (0)3 600 82 14


Consultation scheme

Campus Deurne:
Tuesday: 08h00 – 11h45
Friday: 13h00 – 17h00

Campus Orthoca Noord:
Monday: 08h00 – 11h45 (even weeks)
Monday: 13h00 – 16h30
Wednesday: 08h00 – 11h45

Private evening consultation at campus Orthoca Noord:
Monday: 18h30 – 21h30 (even weeks)

Private campus Kielsevest:
Tuesday: 14h00 – 17h15

Private evening consultation at campus Kielsevest:
Tuesday: 19u00 – 21u00 (even weken)

Please make an appointment yourself via the digital agenda: Doctena

General Education
General Medicine, University of Antwerp 1998
Orthopedic Surgeon, University of Antwerp 2005
Spine Surgery Fellowship Exeter, United Kingdom 2003

Pathology of the lumbar, thoracal and cervical spine
Traumatology of the spine
Dynamic stabilisation
Discus prothesis
Discus herniation

Clinical and fundamental research to thoracolumbar fractures
Use of computer navigation in spine surgery

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Dr. Geert Mahieu
Spine pathology